You may know her from History's 'American Pickers' but when Danielle isn't busy keeping the boys in line at the shop she transforms into Dannie Diesel, shimmying and shaking to the sounds of her band The Gin Rummy Show. While specializing in vintage burlesque and strip tease costumes she embraces the history of these pieces and the women that wore them, honoring each artist that paved the way for modern day women and dancers all around the world. You can find these costumes restored with Danielle's personal touch on many stages across the country. Between researching and restoring these costumes she dedicates her time to practicing circus arts and all forms of dance. Danielle continues to inspire and promote self love and healthy living on and off the stage and screen. 


Danielle Colby


John OCallaghan_2017.09.15_Gin Rummy Shoot_Chicago-103.jpg


Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

John OCallaghan_2017.09.15_Gin Rummy Shoot_Chicago-99.jpg


Drums, Percussion